I would like to copy a folder from one Unix server to another Unix server. Can anyone tell me if there is a method or command to to achieve this?

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Yes, there is scp or the former rcp or rsync

scp -r source_folder [email protected]:destination_folder

The command above will copy source_folder to destination_folder in the user's home directory on host.com

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    I haven't seen rcp for decades - does anyone still use that? May 30, 2011 at 9:01
  • @Piskvor: I have never used it either, but was just added there for completeness of the answer. May 30, 2011 at 9:03
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    if you want completeness, you should add the netcat method too. nc -l -p 9999 > file + cat file | nc ip port or nc -l -p 9999 | tar -x - + tar -c dir | nc ip port - has saved my skin a couple of times when i didn't have any fancy servers available, like linux installer systems
    – hanshenrik
    Nov 3, 2018 at 9:14

If your folder contains subfolders and more importantly symlinks you want to use rsync:

rsync -aruv localfolder/ user@server:destination/

Or in reverse:

rsync -aruv user@server:destination/ localfolder/

This will do a recursive backup / copy from localfolder to your server while keeping ownership and permissions intact. The solutions suggested so far are valid however scp doesn't handle symlinks by default and will instead create a new copy of the linked file.

For detailed usage see man(1) rsync or here


You can use SCP:

scp -rp foldertocopy/ user@server:destination/




First login to the server to which you want to copy folder or file. Be in folder where u want to copy and execute command "wget http://sourceserverip/folderuwanttocopy.zip"

for this folderuwanttocpy.zip in source server should be in /var/www/html if it is linux server (or) xamp/httdocs if it is windows server

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