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Does vertical position affect hard drive?

Does mounting a harddisk harddrive vertically decrease its lifespan?

I am already aware, or guess, that:

  • There is a large variety of anecdotal evidence on various forums
  • Some computer manufacturers mount HDs vertically.
  • Mounting a harddisk upside down may be bad (hearsay: heat issues)
  • Mounting a harddisk diagonally does... whatever, I can't imagine anyone doing that
  • Rotating harddisk while it is in operation may cause strain due to torque

I am merely interested in whether a harddisk mounted vertically will last any shorter than if it was horizontally mounted. Has there been any scientific study? =)

Please note that there are 3 ways to vertically-mount a harddisk drive:


enter image description here


(upside-down I will call "controller-down")

enter image description here

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