In earlier versions of Excel when I would put an = sign I could do a formula such as:

= "Hello" & B2

and it would display as, for example:


In 2010 sometimes it does the above but sometimes it just displays the formula, for example:

= "Hello" & B2

I've ensured the cell formatting is the same as the one that works and it is.

This is very frustrating.

Anyone know what is going on?



This cell might be set as 'text'. It needs to be set as 'general'.


Edit: I haven't seen you had checked the format, sorry.

Edit #2: Got curious and dig a while about your problem. Have you checked if B2 is also set as Text? It seems that when doing a direct reference to a cell, the cell format is also moved along with the value.

Try to add a function over the value (i.e. = "Hello" & left(B2,1)).

This idea came from THIS link.

Hope it helps!

  • Yeah, formats are the same. Thanks for commenting though. – user390480 Mar 7 '11 at 19:14
  • @user390480 improved my comment... hope it works now :) – Tiago Cardoso Mar 7 '11 at 20:33

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