I'm trying to document a number of Access databases using Visio 2007.

The process I'm following is

  • create an ODBC connection for the database, pointing to the appropriate file (all files are on my local drive)
  • start Visio
  • Create a new Database Model Diagram
  • From the Database menu pick Reverse Engineer
  • pick the data source from the list
  • go thru the wizard, selecting all of the tables. (no username or password is needed to open the database in access, so those are left blank)
  • when I click finish, I get an error:

    Error! Cannot extract column definition for the table/view 'TABLENAME'.
    The definition is not available or you may not have sufficient privileges.
    Please check with your database administrator.

The db opens fine in Access 2007.

  • Why don't you use access to generate the documentation for the database? – soandos Jun 2 '11 at 19:12
  • Because I have every other part of the system, including some SQL Servers, documented in Visio. – chris Jun 2 '11 at 19:17

This was a known bug of visio in 2002, I do not know if it was fixed in later versions. See here for more info. A workaround seems to be on the last post of the thread:

A work around is to modify the stored procedure witht he following code after the "as":

--Visio Bug Fix db(2/25/2004)

declare @myTableOwner varchar(64)

select top 1 @myTableOwner=u.name from sysobjects s, sysusers u where

s.uid=u.uid and s.name=@tablename

set @tablename = @myTableOwner + '.' + @tablename

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