I am currently trying to create a context menu item so that you can click on an executable file and select a scan option from the context menu, a command line program will then be launched with the working directory defined as C:\Program Files\Scanner and the input file (file I right-click on) will be the insert in the %1% parameter.

@="C:\\Windows\\System32\\cmd.exe /k cd  "C:\\Program Files\\Scanner" & "C:\\Program Files\\Scanner\\scanner.exe" "%1%""

I am having a nightmare trying to get this work, any help would be greatly appreciated

  1. It's %1, not %1%

  2. You must also escape the inner quotation marks:

    @="cmd.exe /k cd /d \"C:\\Program Files\\Scanner\" && scanner.exe \"%1\""
  3. The /d option must be given to cd, to also change the current drive letter in cmd (if your file is on another drive).

  4. Specifying full path to scanner.exe is not necessary, because after you cd it will be in the current directory.

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  • @James: One thing I forgot. You must use cd /d, not cd, otherwise the command will fail when the file is on another drive. – user1686 Jun 6 '11 at 12:13

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