I'm using Vista, and installers often choose one of the two "Program Files" folders (regular or (x86).) When I have the choice (i.e., there is no installer) how should I choose? Does it ever matter?

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Looks like you are using a 64-bit version of Vista (as am I). It should do this automatically but here it is:

64-bit in program files, 32-bit in the x86.

The separation is needed at times and should be withheld: http://www.winvistatips.com/2-program-folders-64bit-vista-t171602.html

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I don't believe it really matters because some programs that are 32 bit, will install in the Program Files (even though that's what the x86 folder is for). I believe its just for organization. So best practice would be

  • 64 bit= program files
  • 32 bit= program files x86
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  • Looks like it does matter after some more digging (I did not know either). winvistatips.com/2-program-folders-64bit-vista-t171602.html
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