Im an heavy macports user. Have a lot of ports installed with +perl variants. (and much p5-modules too, and zilion others installed by cpan).

Now, I need perl 5.14. (because improved utf8 handling), but here is no macports package yet. What will be the best way get perl5.14 into OS X?

Hard question because now, all my perl modules are in the /opt tree - so when i will compile it with "normal" configure (not tried yet) but IMHO i will get perl installed into /usr/local, so will need reinstall all my modules.

Is here an easy way make a portfile for the perl5.14? Or I should abandon macports and go to fink, homebrew, or something_other?

I don't want homebrew if it is not possible change the /usr/local (because i'm using /usr/local for commands compiled "by hand" and for *.mpkg (OS X installer things) and dont want "mix" them with packagemanager. Is here a way how to change homebrew default install elsewhere?

Or generally - what is the best way manage perl in OS X?

  • compile it manually everytime?
  • and when i will compile it manually, should I abandon macports? /because, macport sure will want install his own (old) perl./ or here is some way tell macports to use "my perl"?
  • etc... etc.. ;(
  • Is there any reason why you cannot use perlbrew?
    – mfontani
    Jun 27, 2011 at 14:21
  • Now I have basic perl 5.14 installed from the macports (new package) and all my CPAN modules are installed with perlbrew as you suggest. ;)
    – clt60
    Jun 27, 2011 at 15:10

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As I noted in the comments, but failed to answer... http://search.cpan.org/dist/App-perlbrew/bin/perlbrew is the best tool for doing this.

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