I am using Google Chrome 11.0.696.77 on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

Is it possible to refresh(reload) all the tabs in Google Chrome without going into each individual tab and hitting F5 to refresh the page?


There's an extension that does exactly that:

Reload All Tabs


  • Keyboard shortcut to reload tabs is binded as Ctrl-Shift-R
  • Reload all tabs in all windows (enabled via options)
  • Option to just reload pinned tabs
  • Configurable keyboard shortcut
  • Configurable context menu

It also sits in the toolbar so you could just click a button.


You can select multiple tabs by holding down Ctrl (in OS X: Cmd) and clicking on multiple tabs. If you want to select all of the tabs click on the first tab, hold down shift, then click on the last tab.

Now that you've selected the tabs, right click on any of the tabs and click reload.

  • Simple and effective. – Animesh Jul 13 '15 at 7:54
  • Wow, you can do that? That's great! (except for the fact that I've been missing out for so long...) No need to install anything, you can quickly select any arbitrary group of tabs, and works for dragging around, closing, pinning, silencing or duplicating, besides reloading! This will come real handy while using The Great Suspender to keep any number of tabs open without them eating all the RAM... – Chema Apr 10 '17 at 5:42

Another method without installing extensions: set Chrome to reopen the pages that were open last in Options, then close and reopen the browser. Occasionally I'll do this to refresh all the pages if I accidentally open my browser without an internet connection :-)


You may want to look into something called iMacros(extension for chrome). I know it is in its early stages for Chrome, but things like that could be easily recorded and then at the click of a button the script would go through and hit refresh.


It seems like those shortcuts and select multiple tabs are gone in Windows 10.

So, I go back to an old-school trick:

  • close the window with tabs you want to reload
  • press Ctrl+Shift+T

It will reopen closed windows with all the tabs you want to reload.

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