I've recently switched over from a PC to a Mac and I'm wondering if there is any way to edit the text selection/deletion shortcuts on a Mac. I write a lot of code and I've found these shortcuts to be very helpful.

Here is a quick overview of the deletion shortcuts (http://lifehacker.com/5803041/the-mac-os-x-delete-key-it-goes-both-ways); the selection shortcuts on the mac are similar, except that you can use arrow keys instead of delete.

I'd be happy to learn of any method, though I would much prefer it if someone can come up with a way to do it using KeyRemap4MacBook.

  • I'm not sure what you mean by "selection shortcuts", aside from "shift-arrow keys", which works the same on both OSes. – Cajunluke Jun 8 '11 at 18:52

You can configure most text editing shortcuts in ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict.

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