1. I was wondering as image formats, what pdf (eps, ps) and djvu are classified into, raster image, vector graphic image?
  2. I think pdf (eps, ps) and djvu can all contain both raster image and vector graphic image, so are they hybrid image?

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PDF's are largely comprised of vector elements and AI treats them as vector (e.g., you can open/edit/save). Yes, they can contain raster elements, but it treats them as vectors and attempts to scale them as it does embedded fonts and illustrations. Call it a hybrid if you will, but the raster support is more a concession than original intent.

  • Sorry, not familiar with djvu, but from the wikipedia page, it sounds like a pdf alternative, so the same vector-style scaling should apply.
    – hyperslug
    Jun 12, 2011 at 23:18

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