Has anyone succesfully used the Apple Remote under Windows 7 64bit?

It doesn't work on my machine (I'm still running Windows 7 RC).

I've installed the Boot Camp Services 2.1.0, and no... the remote is not disabled in the Boot Camp Control Panel.


with the apple remote, i can launch itunes when i press menu. the apple remote controls itunes as well as windows media player if media player is open. it also controls VLC media player, i didnt have to do anything differently.


I successfully used the Apple Remote on Windows 7 Pro 64bit using Bootcamp. It can at least control the volume, but not do much more I fear.

However, I noticed that the sound would sometimes just go up or down with no apparent reason. Switching the Apple Remote off on Bootcamp solved the issue. Since I didn't quite need it when running Windows I didn't try to have a deeper look. I have no idea whether it comes from the driver or from the actual remote/receiver but since I have no problem when running Mac OS, I more suspect the driver.


I don't have any experience with the Apple and you don't say what you're using it for.

I've had to install EventGhost to get my MCE remote working properly outside of mce. Maybe you need to try it out or possibly go with IR Server suite (don't have a download link handy)

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