pin TWO folder shortcuts as separate icons on Windows 7 taskbar? I did this all the time on XP

Now, when I drag and drop a folder shortcut to my Windows 7 taskbar, it lumps them all in together.

How can I have each folder shortcut show as its own icon?


Short version of fix in case these links don't work in the future:

Create a shortcut to the explorer folder on your desktop, then edit the location of the shortcut so that it says "explorer" before the path. You can also change the icon by going to the shortcut --> Change Icon option. Then, pin the shortcut to the start bar.

Do note that since this is a shortcut and not an app that you're pinning, when you click the shortcut, the window will open under the main Explorer icon.



Personally, I'm a big fan of using the official pin feature to pin folders to the Explorer app (keeps the start bar clean), but I'm guessing since you're asking specifically how to pin the icon separately, that you've considered that option. But wanted to mention it as an option just in case.

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I don't know if you like the new task bar, but I HATE it. I use the "Free Launch Bar". It gives you back the old task bar, including a quick-launch equivalent. After you install it, you enable it by right-clicking the taskbar>Toolbar>click Free Launch Bar. It is awesome, imo.



Thought other's might like a slightly different method.

  1. Right-Click the folder you want a shortcut of and click Send to > Desktop (create shortcut)
  2. Find your shortcut on the Desktop and Right-Click selecting Properties
  3. Edit the Target field and prepend the path that's already there with explorer and put the path in quotes (see below for example)
  4. Click Apply and OK
  5. You may now Right-Click > Pin to Taskbar or drag-and-drop as you would normally

Example Target field (quotes and space between explorer and path matter):

explorer "C:\Users\johndoe"

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