I recently switched my nVidia card to an ATI one, and am getting a libgl conflict.

When I want to install something related to the GPU, I get the following error:

nvidia-utils and catalyst utils are in conflict (libgl). Remove catalyst-utils? (y/n)

I don't want to remove the catalyst ones, but the nvidia ones, so I attempted a pacman -Rs nvidia-utils. That command says that the target nvidia-utils couldn't be found.

I was using stock (nVidia/ATI) drivers, and tried the official nVidia uninstaller. The uninstaller couldn't find an installation. I cannot remember how I installed the drivers, it's a long time ago ;-).

How do I solve this?

  • Can you post the output of pacman -Ss nvidia? This command should list the nvidia package installed on your machine. You can then try to remove that package using pacman -Rcsu <pkg-name> – Vinay Jun 13 '11 at 5:50

Normally the reason you'd get the message is that you're installing nvidia-utils. Are you installing something that depends on nvidia-utils? That could cause it too.

I recommend installing libgl and xf86-video-ati first as a transition step. This should remove your conflicting nvidia drivers. After that's taken care of, install the catalyst package from the AUR. For example:

pacman -S libgl xf86-video-ati

packer -S catalyst

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