How would you go about embedding a Flash video into a MS Word document?

  • Embedding the .flv and the player into a Word document
  • Embedding just the player and remotely linking to the .flv

Open source or fee-ware solutions are acceptable.


I see that people are more interested in making stray and unhelpful comments rather than providing some help.

However, in the spirit of disclosure and clarification the next paragraph contains the “WHY”.

I am writing a presentation for business team members at my job. Ninety percent of the document will be prose in MS Word. For illustrative purposes I will be using Balsamiq mockups for Desktop to layout the proposed UI. Balsamiq mockups has a presentation mode, however this mode is not exportable into a standalone format. My plan is to use Camstudio to capture the screen transitions of the Balsamiq presentation mode as a flash video. Why flash video? It also makes it easy for other business people types to see it in a web browser if necessary at a later time (e.g. Wiki). And finally embed the .flv file into the Word document rather than a “CLICK HERE” link, in an effort to try to have a clean and encapsulated look to the document.

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    I'm feeling sorry for the unfortunate people that have to watch videos in Word :( Jul 15, 2009 at 17:45

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Word does not allow you to import .FLV videos. Your only option is to save the video to a word-friendly format (such as .avi) and .flv just for the website.


I found this short tutorial on playing flash animations in a word document. You may be able to modify it to play a flash video in a similar fashion.


Although I understand your requirement, embedding either will drastically increase the size of the document. I would honestly do an external link with screen-shots only in the document.

I can't imagine that the player itself can be embedded at all.


I don't know of a way that you can embed the Flash Player within a Word document. However, Word does provide the option of embedding an AVI file, so that may be the route to go.

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