I am using Arch Linux. I have tried beagle search engine. I can add the /mnt/windows (my NTFS drive) for indexing by beagle. But when I search, there is no result from /mnt/windows. Besides that, I also tried Google Desktop Search, it also does not index the /mnt/windows, even I added it to the setting. Is there anyway to index the NTFS partition, so that I can search the file easier in Linux? Or is there any other method for searching the contents easier?


First, check after mounting NTFS partition permanently from fstab.
Then, try other desktop search tools: Recoll, Tracker, Strigi
If there's still the problem, let me know...

  • I have also used Launchy, Tracker, Gnome Do among others as well. None of those seemed to have trouble indexing my NTFS partitions. – Brian Z Oct 5 '13 at 2:26

Are you sure the mount was actually successful? If you use command "ls -l /mnt/windows", do you see your windows files?

  • sure. no problem for me to access any files in ntfs. – Allen Jun 21 '11 at 5:44

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