I have friends that have "cartoonized" their profile picture on social networks. How can I do that too?

I have only very elementary knowledge of graphics (Microsoft Paint).

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    Have you asked your friends how they did theirs -- perhaps they could help you to do yours?
    – mas
    Aug 26, 2009 at 11:03

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Cartoonize Your Photos and Videos


Are you talking about that kind of picture?

cartoon picture

I don't know what is the site to make theme, but if you specify that this is what you want, I'm sure someone knows what the site is.


alt text


You can try http://simpsonizeme.com/ if you're a Simpson's fan


You'll need a more advanced graphics program than Microsoft Paint. Programs like Photoshop and GIMP (which is free) include plugins and filters that can modify a photo in creative ways. Unfortunately, their user interfaces can be pretty intimidating for a new user.


Paint.NET is a free Windows program that can do some effects, like pencil sketch. (It's also great for general image editing - resizing, cropping, working with layers, changing formats, etc.)


If you like Mad Men you can make your own cartoon Mad Men character. It is an easy Flash interface.

An example:

Alt text

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