I have Windows 7 RC1 running on a solid-state-drive (SSD) on my laptop. I've seen various recommendations for tuning the OS to take advantage of the SSD. There are a few obvious ones, such as disabling defragmentation, and some controversial, such as disabling page file. Thought that this would be a perfect place to gather peer-reviewed advice.


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Serverfault has some info on this:

And this page from Microsoft is quite interesting.


I'd say the biggest one is just to wait; SSDs as primary drives are a pretty new phenomenon, and I know that the Windows 7 team is working on optimizations for SSD drives.


Just an update: recently, I built another new system at work for a customer, with an SSD and an HDD. Windows 7 automatically moved the page file to the hard drive during setup, so that shouldn't be an issue anymore if you also have a hard drive

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