One of my applications requires org.eclipse.core.databinding but I can't seem to a package to install that satisfies this requirement. Does anyone know how to find and install this (if it requires anything more than a using Install New Software).


According to http://wiki.eclipse.org/JFace_Data_Binding_FAQ:

Where can I get the plugins? The JFace Data Binding plug-ins can be found in any of the following distributions on the Eclipse download page:

  • List item
  • Eclipse SDK
  • RCP Runtime/SDK
  • Platform Runtime/SDK Just select the desired build (e.g. stable, integration, nightly) and download one of the above distributions.

The plug-ins you need are org.eclipse.core.databinding, org.eclipse.jface.databinding (if your UI is implemented using SWT and JFace), and org.eclipse.core.databinding.beans (if your model objects conform to the JavaBeans specification).

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