I removed the motor of my hard disk and this is the connector behind it... I just want to ask what is the purpose of each connector... among that 4 shown below, there could be pair for negative and positive for power... : ) but I dont know where it could be... also, what is the maximum voltage for the motor to function...

enter image description here

  • There is no way to answer that question... it will vary depending on the manufacturer and model of your hard drive. – Flimzy Jun 18 '11 at 4:15
  • Probably at least one pin is used for a wiegand sensor or something of the sort that is used to detect the rotational speed of the drive. – jcrawfordor Jun 18 '11 at 4:17
  • also, as far as voltage, probably 5v. start at 3.3 to be safe. – jcrawfordor Jun 18 '11 at 4:17

I don't know about the wires, but since you don't say what size drive it is:

  1. For a 3.5" hard drive, it requires +12V DC to run the motor, AND +5V DC to run the circuit boards. With SATA a third +3.3V DC is also used in addition to the other two.
  2. For a typical 2.5" hard drive, it requires +5V DC (often converted to +3.3V DC by an on-board voltage regulator).



I believe this varies from drive to drive. I would research your exact drive and get some specifics. Then if you can get your hands on a technical manual your life will be much easier.

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