How can I assign a keyboard shortcut to delete just one line of text in Microsoft Office Word 2010?
A macro based solution (in Visual Basic) which could be assigned to a custom keyboard shortcut would be good too.

Some similar examples:

  • in Notepad++ I can delete (cut) the entire current line with Ctrl+L
  • in NetBeans, I can delete an entire line with Ctrl+E
  • in Eclipse, I can delete current line with Ctrl+D
  • etc.

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Macro-based shortcut

OK, based on our comment discussion here's a macro based solution.

  1. Create a new Macro with the following code (Alt+F8, specify the name, click Create):

    Selection.HomeKey Unit:=wdLine 
    Selection.EndKey Unit:=wdLine, Extend:=wdExtend 
    Selection.Delete Unit:=wdCharacter, Count:=1
  2. Assign a keyboard shortcut to it:

    • File > Option > Customize Ribbon
    • Click on Keyboard shortcuts: Customize (bottom left)
    • Scroll down the Categories list and select Macros, choose your new macro
    • Press the shortcut key combination (e.g. Ctrl+D)
    • Click Assign
    • Close > OK

And you are done. Now you can press Ctrl+D whenever your cursor is on a line and it will perform Home - Shift+End - Delete sequence for you which will delete the line.

Hopefully, that will work for you. Cheers!

(Initial) Answer that uses a mouse click

If by "row" you mean a line of text then the simplest way (I think) is to click in the left margin on the line you want to delete and hit Del key. If you want to avoid using the mouse then I'd go for the approach suggested by @SoftArtisans.


It's not a single shortcut, but you can hit Shift + End to select the entire line of text and then hit Backspace to delete it. If you are at the beginning of the line of text, you'll get the whole line. If not, you can press Home first to get to the beginning of the line.

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    Hi, thanks for your answer, but unfortunately this doesn't really solve my problem, because I wanted to avoid multiple clicks and/or pushing multiple buttons, even if I click in the middle of the line of text. :) For example, in Notepad++ I can delete the entire current line with Ctrl+L, in NetBeans, I can delete an entire line with Ctrl+E, in Eclipse, I can delete current line with Ctrl+D, etc., where it doesn't really matter where my mouse cursor is actually... so there are these simple solutions, which I look for in Word too.It really would simplify my work in huge documents.
    – Sk8erPeter
    Jun 22, 2011 at 0:05

Simple go to the beginning of line you want to delete:

  1. Open Macro under View Menu.
  2. Click "start recording", give it a name, assign it to keyboard or a button. (For ex, I gave Ctrl+D)
  3. Now press Shift and End. Press Delete.
  4. Now stop Macro recording.

Now, whenever using a shortcut key (here Ctrl+D), the current line only will be deleted. It's easier and better than writing some macro code from scratch.

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