Everytime I start visual studio 2010 I keep getting this error but it still opens and runs normally. I have reinstalled it many times but still the problem persists. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Error Message: The product is not installed properly. Please reinstall.


It is a little hard to help without more information.

Visual Studio has so many components, it is possible that you have not done a "full" reinstall, e.g. removed all components before installing again.

I would recommend you look in the event log or try to diagnose this a little bit further to see what the component actually is that is failing so you can address the exact issue.

Alternatively, this could actually be a problem with a third party component/VS addin which is failing to start with VS - and, by clicking OK, you progress without it - but, reinstalling VS won't fix it.

Again, without more information, it is really hard to help.

  • thanks for this, it turned out my Visual Assist X add-in was not starting correctly. Appreciate your help – user780787 Jun 23 '11 at 9:16

Try something like the VS Uninstall utility. Microsoft has gotten better about releasing these tools to scrub their product out of your system (much more effectively than a regular uninstall).

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