I have just installed ubunto in Vmware Player and it works great, but all of the resolutions it gives me there isn't one to fill the entire screen.

I was scouting around the net and found this,

- Open up VMWare, don't boot up Windows yet.
- Go to "View" and select "Autofit window" and "Autofit Guest".
- Close VMWare.
- Go to the terminal and do:
sudo gedit ~/vmware/preferences
- Now where it says:
pref.autoFitFullScreen = "fitHostToGuest"
change it to:
pref.autoFitFullScreen = "fitGuestToHost"

but when i do it the preferences file is empty

Can anyone tell me where it is??

Totally lost


I have installed VMtools...

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The preference file is located on your host computer NOT in your VM!

Location on a Windows host:


Location on a Linux host:


I tested that, when Windows is guest OS, but may work with other OS too: enter image description here


You need to install VMWare tools in order for your VM to make use of your screen resolution.

Follow this guide/tutorial in order to install it on vmware player.

  • Guide is ancient!
    – mlissner
    Aug 21, 2013 at 2:22
  • 5
    @mlissner well it would be ancient due to the time the question was answered. Aug 21, 2013 at 19:17

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