Howto make pdfxcview.exe not lock PDF files when opening them


force pdflatex ignore locks (and thus be able to overwrite PDF while generating content with pdflatex or simply manipulating content (streams) of PDF files manually with an editor like vim) ?

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PDF-XChange View supports a command line option

pdfxcview /A "nolock=yes=OpenParameters" document.pdf

which opens a PDF file called document.pdf lock - free. In this case PDF-XChange View asks on change if the document should be reloaded. You can then enable automatic reloading on change. Useful when working on PDF files and frequently checking created output.

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    It's not ideal: (a) can't globally start pdfxcview in that mode. Have to provide that flag together with the filename of the document. And (b) the viewer will only reload when it gets focus.
    – user643011
    Apr 4 '18 at 18:18

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