So I'm running Outlook at work; I've done SOMETHING (but I don't know what) that stopped the little envelope icon from appearing in the system taskbar when I have new mail. I actually find that indicator rather useful; how can I get it back?

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You can go to Tools --> Options.

Then click on E-mail Options.

Then click on Advanced E-mail Options.

Check the box that says Show an envelope icon in the notification area


Is it possible it's just hidden?

On XP, right-click the taskbar, go to properties, and click "Customize..." in the Notification area group. Find the "You have new unopened items." item and change it to "Always show". I assume the process is similar on other versions of Windows.

If this doesn't do it, check your settings in Outlook (see quicksel's answer).


if its not hidden (as already mentioned) you can find the setting for it in the settings/preferences

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