I've converted a Live Meeting to a .wmv file and am now trying to edit it. We added a few seconds of audio to the beginning of the recording and now the slides are out of sync.

How do I add a few second delay before the slides begin?

Or what file stores the presentation in the Live Meeting recording. Do i need to edit that first before converting to .wmv?


You could import that to any video editing software and it will separate the audio and video tracks for you. Then you just need to clip the beginning a little bit and line up the audio again.

I can't recommend any software per say (Windows Movie Maker won't split the audio I don't think) but I use kdenlive in a Linux environment.


Adobe Premiere can be used for such tasks, its a quality piece of video creating/converting/editing that we use at work for our PR clips. I'd highly recommend it, but its important to know that it is an enterprise-level piece of software. Well worth it in my opinion to complete these types of tasks

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