Somewhere along the line I accidentally typed my password into the username field on a website in Chrome. Now every time I go back to that site my password is shown as an option to fill as my username. I didn't specifically save the username/password combo, it is just the little drop down that appears when you start to type.

Is it possible to clear this single item? I would rather not have to clear all form data.


Go to OptionsPersonal StuffManage Saved Passwords, hover over what you want to delete, and then click the x.

UPDATE (credits to camster342): It's now in Settings -> Show Advanced Settings... and Manage Passwords is the second link under the Passwords and Forms section.

If the data you want to delete is not a password but rather a saved form follow this:

When you type in a form field, a menu may appear, containing past text that you've typed in the field. To delete a specific piece of saved text, select it in the menu using the arrows on your keyboard, then press Shift+Delete.


On Mac OS it's Fn+Backspace or Fn+Shift+Delete.

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    Just to let you know, I realise this is a pretty old answer, but the location of that option has changed... It's now in Settings -> Show Advanced Settings... and Managed Saved Passwords is the second link under the Passwords and Forms section. – camster342 Jan 19 '13 at 23:03
  • Lastly to keep the form from autofilling with the wrong information when refreshed, I had to delete the site cookie. To do this, click on the icon just to the left of the URL in Chrome, then click "Show Cookie and Site Data". Select the proper domain, and click "Remove" and then "Close". – zSprawl Aug 31 '15 at 1:57
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    It appears this answer is now out of date again... I cannot find where to delete just a username that autofills by using the menu. Fortunately the shift + delete option works for me. – Watki02 Nov 21 '18 at 14:43

It is possible to delete the single or all the username from the Google user-box. Simply select the require username by keyboard arrows. Then use Shift+Delete.

  1. Open a web page in which a data field showing the problematic value appears
  2. Double-click the field to make it show its drop down
  3. Highlight the problematic value with your mouse
  4. Press Shift+Delete

The value disappears and won't bother you again.

  • In Firefox, <kbd>Delete</kbd> alone would suffice. – user477799 Jan 14 '17 at 13:12

On Mac you highlight what you want to delete and then click "shift" "fn" and "command" all at once and then click the delete and it will be deleted from the username section


I had trouble finding the site using Settings -> Show Advanced Settings -> Managed Saved Passwords, but was able to find the site using https://passwords.google.com. Then you just click the X to delete your username/password for the site.


I had to try this myself recently on Mac. What worked for me is fn + shift + delet


I actually discovered the solution myself, I'm on Google Chrome and I think it may work on Firefox and Internet Explorer too.

When typing your mail, highlight the suggestion but don't click it, then press Shift and Supr at the same time.

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    Can you explain what the "Supr" key is? If you mean the Super key, isn't that usually just a modifier? – slhck Sep 13 '13 at 8:08

I am using Chrome Version 54.0.2840.98. What worked for me was looking to the top right in the address bar. A key pops up. You can click the key and it will show you the list of available logins for the username you are filling in.

screenshot of Address Bar and Key


Sorry, some of those don't work at all. I tried the highlight shift delete several times. Doesn't work at all. I don't want to delete all my passwords. So those aren't helpful. The only one that works is fn shift delete. Thanks.

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