I am trying to zip up the following directory contents:


I want to be able to zip up the Test directory and the bin subdirectory, however, I need the Test directory’s contents to be the root of the archive.

Using the WinRAR command-line program (rar.exe), I tried this command:

"C:\File.zip" -ep "C:\Test"

However, this puts all the folder contents in root of the archive. I also tried the following command, but got the same results:

"C:\File.zip" -ep "C:\Test\*.*" "C:\Test\bin"

How can I get the results I’m trying to achieve?

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    r is the switch for recursive – RobotHumans Jun 28 '11 at 15:46
  • x and x@ allow you to disallow files – RobotHumans Jun 28 '11 at 15:47
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    @aking, the -r switch will also add everything else that is in C:\Test, which Lee has not said is desired. – Synetech Aug 15 '11 at 6:14

You are using the -ep switch which Exclude[s] paths from names. If paths are not stored, then all files go in the root.

To get C:\Test to be treated as the root of the archive, you need to run the compression from inside the directory.

Use this instead:

C:\>cd Test

C:\Test>:: then, either
C:\Test>rar a "C:\File.zip" "*.*" "bin\*.*"

C:\Test>:: or
C:\Test>rar a "C:\File.zip" "*.*" "bin"

It is possible by:

rar a -ep1 -r "C:\File.zip" "." "bin\*.*" 

-ep1 = Do not store the path entered at the command line in archive. Exclude base folder from names.

-r: recurses subfolders

It worked for me!

http://comptb.cects.com/2503-using-the-winrar-command-line-tools-in-windows http://www.qa.downappz.com/questions/winrar-command-line-to-add-files-with-relative-path-only.html

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