I'm looking to buy a system that can run windows XP, has decent horsepower, and also has 12+ comm ports, i'm not looking to slap cards into my system either, any ideas?

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    Definitely doesn't belong here. But you can easily get a single card that will support 16 serial ports. And there is no other alternative. – nb2580 Aug 26 '09 at 22:12
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See USBtoSerial for a variety of products which will do this. They provide a connector to go from the PC to anywhere from a 4-port to a 16-port external box.


I don't think you'll find a shipping system with 12 RS-232 ports in it. It's just not a requirement that enough people have. If you change your mind and decide you can install cards, look at something like RocketPort. We used those to connect machines in a lab to kernel debuggers and they worked great.


You're doing it wrong. You should look into RS485 or CAN.

  • You may not always have a choice. My guess is that he needs all these RS232 to control some hardware. say Cisco switches maybe. – shoosh Aug 26 '09 at 22:52
  • basically yes, it's for automated testing. – Anonymous Aug 27 '09 at 0:20

I have found that a good source of industrial-strength connectivity and adapters is B&B Electronics. They sell a variety of adapters, converters, and device servers that can be used for this kind of thing. If the application is testing, you might want isolation, and they sell that too.

A selection of cards to go inside a machine is here.

Other options would be USB serial ports, or an ethernet serial device server. Either way, you can get 1 to 16 ports in a single adapter, and isolated adapters are also available.

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