I use GMail as my primary mail service, and maily use the default web interface. I would like to use a native mail application (e.g. OS X Mail.app), because I like the feel and integration that a native desktop client offers. But I also use GMail's search functionality quite frequently.

So is there any way to set up a desktop mail client for GMail in such a way that I still have a powerful mail search option available?

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If you were to use Outlook, there is Xobni which offers slightly better then gmail search . Shows the contacts and breaks down all attachments sent and conversations.

  • I have tried Xobni in combination with my work setup (Outlook + Exchange), but wasn't really impressed. Besides, this would only be able to search the mails that are synchronized and stored locally, right? I would like to be able to search all mail, just like GMail's web search offers.
    – Daan
    Jul 2, 2011 at 15:18

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