I use a Mac, but do all my development on a remote Linux machine which I access over SSH. Recently I've started using X forwarding to show some of the remote machine's graphical applications in windows on the Mac desktop. For the most part, this works really well - except that the applications look terrible: huge fonts, ugly widgets...

Being the Mac-using perfectionist I am, I want to try and improve the look of these windows. Is there any way of using alternative widgets in an X-forwarded application? What would I need to install on the Mac, or on the remote machine?


Depending on the type of development you do, would it make sense to use NX (nomachine)? for accessing these Linux boxes? Nomachine, or its free clones, allow you to access a Linux desktop much like one would access a Windows machine via RDP. I use it at work in a similar situation, and it handles quite well.

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