I'm trying to ensure an app starts on boot up but after MySQL has been started. I can't however locate where MySQL is being started.

If I do a chkconfig, it says MySQL is off, yet I can readily access my databases with phpmyadmin.

If I look at my boot log, I can see it says MySQL Server is started, right after Apache2 is started.

In my rc5.d directory, I only see a symbolic link for Apache2 but nothing for MySQL. The startup script for MySQL appears in /etc/init.d.

rc.local has got nothing in it but comments.

So it appears to me like it's being run on startup, but not as a service. But I have next to no knowledge of Linux so don't put too much belief in that.

I would have originally installed MySQL via apt-get.

Where else can I look to find out where it is being started?


You can have a look at this link:

Disable MySQL startup in Ubuntu 10.04

Also after you disable it you can create your own startup script that will start MySQL and then start your application after it.


#! /bin/bash
service mysql start

You will also need to chmod +x the startup script

  • The link on your link explained it perfectly. All is good. – jontyc Jul 5 '11 at 12:03

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