i'm used to using putty on a window's machine. With putty whatever you select is automatically on the clipboard without having to right click and select copy. And right click just pastes.


A little known feature of the X server in Linux and other UNIX-like operating systems gets you half of the way there.

Anything you highlight in Linux, regardless of the program, is put into a special clipboard buffer, which you can paste using your mouse's middle (wheel) button (which is emulated on many laptops by pushing both buttons at the same time). You can also use a keyboard shortcut, if you like.

Unfortunately, I don't think you can change gnome-terminal's right-click behavior.

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The solution involves you to download source code of gnome terminal and apply the patch and then you will need to build a package which will build deb packages and then you can just install from those packages.

For more clear instructions you can view this page.

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