I am trying to look at column E and if it is >0 put a 1 UNLESS column D has a value. If column D has a value, I would like to copy the contents of column D. I was thinking the following formula would work, but it is giving me an error:

=IF(E2>0,1) OR IF(D2>0,D2)

Well you don't say what you want to happen if E is not > 0, but with that caveat:

=IF(E2>0, IF(D2>0, D2, 1), SOMETHING)

This will more beneficial for you. Because if cell E2 or D2 has value less then 0, then it will not work.

=IF((LEN(E2))>0,IF((LEN(D2))>0,D2,""),"Your Text Here")

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