Recently my mouse fell on the ground and now whenever I move it, it scrolls to left or right insanely! (the problem is with the mouse, it scrolls to left/right all the time) I'm wondering how can I disable horizontal scrolling only for my mouse and not my touchpad. It's really annoying wherever there's a horizotal scrollbar or horizontal scrolling can be used on it!

I'm not an expert, I've searched a little but didn't found anything useful. And I'm using debian testing.


I've found a way to solve the problem here, but it's temporary. You have to do it every time you plug/unplug your device, or restart or sleep/wakeup your system!

I'm giving the description in case someone else has the same problem. First, install xinput.

Find your mouse id:

xinput list

Probe your mouse while charging:

xinput test <ID>

You'll probabily see button 6 (scroll to left) and 7 (scroll to right) pressed constantly.

Deactivate it:

xinput set-button-map <ID> 1 2 3 4 5 0 0
  • you saved my life :) – Arkadiusz Kondas Jul 19 '16 at 18:51
  • oh my God, I wanna cry. My computer was unusable until I found this. Thanks! – vega Mar 31 '18 at 18:14

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