I'm running Windows 7, and I've been working on the issue of reserving screen space for only one program for ~3 hours now. I need to reserve it for the Linux Mint taskbar running under VirtualBox in seamless mode. I've tried using DesktopCoral, but it worked a little too well because it also prevented VirtualBox from using that space, and it has no way to specify that a certain program should be allowed to use reserved desktop space. I have also tried Hawkeye ShellInit, DesktopX, and WipeOut, which all offer similar functionality, but none of them allow the reservation of screen space for just one program. I have also tried running Worktop, but it just crashes.

Are there any programs that allow me to prevent a part of the screen (more specifically, ~40px on the top) from being covered by other open windows, even when they're maximized (or snapped)?

Guest taskbar being covered

This shows my current setup, with the bar at the top being covered by maximized windows.

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You should check out a Windows Tiling type program.




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