I need to send a template email to about 700 email addresses, and need to personalize each email for the recipient's name, position, and employer. In addition, I have one attachment that I need to send to all recipients. (This is for a research survey.)

I'm working on Mac OS 10.6 and don't have MS Outlook. Normally I use Gmail for all my accounts, but not sure how to do a mail merge with gmail. Is there a way I can upload my list of recipients and associated fields to a Google Doc or Google Contacts, then create an email template that includes the attachment?

Are there any other solutions on the Mac that I could use?


You can do this with GMAIL and Google Docs, but I'd advise against it. Pumping out that many emails at once is gonna get you flagged as a spammer. I suggest you find a email service like MailChimp and import your email list there.


You can use tools like like SalesHandy and Docsend allows document tracking and attachment tracking. SalesHandy is good option and allows other features like email tracking and email scheduling.

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