I'm trying to install arch linux, and everything has been going well so far, up until I start to install X.

It detects my dual monitors appropriately and will display windows, however, X will not recognize my USB mouse.

Is there any advice on how to setup a USB mouse for use in Xorg.config files?

I currently have the HAL daemon installed.

X -configure

that will create an initial Xorg.conf :)

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Have you tried starting X without a config file. I did this for the first time while installing Arch on my EeePC 701 the other day. After ensuring all the drivers for the video card and input devices were installed, I started xfce4 without an Xorg.conf and everything worked perfectly. I can even hot plug external monitors with ease.

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Just make sure all the requiered xf86-- packages that you need is installed. And that dbus and hal is started

Then you can delete your xorg.conf file and all should work

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