I want to set up a connection between my Windows 7 computer and an embedded device connected on a virtual COM port using a USB cable. I already have a driver for for COM port emulation.

How do I configure the connection?

In windows XP, the answer is to go to: Create new connection -> Advanced connection -> Direct connection from PC to PC

And then configure it. What's the corresponding approach for Windows 7? I've been searching through the "Network and Sharing Center" for ages without figuring it out, and I couldn't find much help in Google, either. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  • What configuration do you need? Baud rate, stop bits, that kind of stuff? – MSalters Jul 15 '11 at 10:13
  • I meant setting it up, really, but I found the answer myself. – Lstor Jul 19 '11 at 9:09

I found the answer:

  • Go to Network and Sharing Center
  • Set up a new connection or network -> Set up a dial-up connection
  • Enter a dummy number (not used) and choose 'Connect'.
  • Edit the connection in order to configure (e.g. select COM port)
  • Connect.

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