I have Fedora 13 64bit GNOME since one year and now I want upgrade to 15. Did any one encountered issues doing this type of upgrade? Should I first upgrade to 14 and then to 15?

Since I did yum update, I am being reminded that stable Fedora 14 is now available. This message pops up every day. Today I clicked on it and it is now giving me option to choose either Fedora 14 or Fedora 15.

Note that I am new to Linux and will not be able to fix something if something goes awry. I have a lot of programs pre-installed over the last one year and I simple cannot do a clean install. If something goes wrong does the upgrade offers a rollback feature like roll back to Fedora 13?

I would really like to take advantage of new features in Fedora 15.


Fedora's preupgrade tool is the easiest way to upgrade from previous releases. That said, you should always backup important stuff before proceeding (there's no rollback feature).


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