Are there any front end apps or web interfaces for Gitolite? I'm about something not for repository viewing but for access management.

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GitLab not only provides a GitHub-like basic frontend, but also issue trackers and merge requests.

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    It does not use gitolite anymore
    – Mathieu
    Jan 22, 2014 at 20:23

I found two such projects on GitHub:

Gitolite-Manager is a "Web Interface to manage Gitolite" and "allows you to add users and create repositories". It's written in JavaScript and runs with node.js.

gitolite-webui is "a simple webui for adding keys to gitolite managed repositories", written in Clojure.

Both of the project repositories have had activity in Sep and Oct 2011. I haven't actually tried out these projects nor had any contact with the authors.

There's also oligui which claims to be "a very simple web interface to control Git Olite configuration file", but there isn't any Gitolite-touhcing code (yet?) in the repo. Written in PHP.


Sorry for posting answer for an old thread. Gitblit is another one.

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