I like Textmate but its really driving me crazy when it comes to formatting code whatever the language I'm working with. Is there any way to format code? shortcut, bundle or anything that can help (eg ctrl+shift+F in netbeans)?

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There is a Reformat Paragraph command under the Text menu but it is mostly useless for programming.

Some language-specific bundles (like Javascript Tools) offer reformatting options, though.

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Textmate 2 has indenting intelligence for each language (as much as it can: See below).

You can re-indent a block with ⌥⌘-[ You can re-wrap lines with ^-Q You can align code on symbols with ^⌥⌘-9

Example indentation rule in Settings (no need for casual users to edit these)

{   increaseIndentPattern = '(?x)
    (   \{ (?! .* \} ) .*
    |   array\(
    |   (\[)
    |   ((else)?if|else|for(each)?|while|switch) .* :
    )   \s* (/[/*] .*)? $';
decreaseIndentPattern = '(?x)
    ^ (.* \*/)? \s*
        (\})         |
        (\)[;,])     |
        (\][;,])     |
        (else:)      |
indentNextLinePattern = '(?x)^(?! .*? (<\?|\?>) )
    ( . ( (?![/*]) | /(/.*$|\*.*?\*/ \s*) ) )*
    [^\s;:{}(,] \s*
    ( /(/.*$|\*.*?\*/ \s*) )*
unIndentedLinePattern = '^\s*$';

If all you want to do is re-indent:

  1. select code
  2. text > indent line

All it does is indent each nested level more than its parent. It wont erase empty lines or create any carriage returns.

Personally I love this because it seems to be language agnostic. Tested with HTML, ERB, CSS, SCSS.


Today I found the "Tidy" option under Bundles > HTML and it worked great. (Ctrl-Shift-H). I can't speak to how well it works for other languages, though.

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