I would like to install Windows Embedded Standard 7 on a HP thin client. I downloaded the ISO file from the MSDN Subscription site but I'm struggling to make a bootable USB disk.

I tried using UltraISO's write disk function but it doesn't work.

Is there a simple way to make a bootable USB for Windows Embedded Standard 7?


There is Microsoft's own tool called "Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool" for making bootable USB/DVD from ISO file. You can download it from Microsoft Store or CodePlex.

P.S. Although it has 7 in name, it works on anything higher than Windows XP SP2.


I see this kind of post throughout many forums. The tablets are 32 bit and DON't read the NTFS format either. It's as simple as that. The tool to make a bootable Windows X formats the key and makes it bootable yes but in NTFS. You need to copy all those files to a temp directory, reformat key in FAT32 then transfer them back. You will then be able to boot to the tablets and install whatever you want.


You can download this tool to make USB bootable. And also check out This link to know about the windows embedded standard bootable USB. Hope it will worth for you not wasting of time. Best of luck.


Just updating this article as I had similar issues repairing a POS terminal for a client. Here's my solution:

  • You can download the Windows Embedded POS Ready 7 software from here (I'm sure searching the same site will give you Win7 Embedded)

  • Extract the rar files to create the ISO file

  • Use Rufus to make it bootable (the default settings will need UEFI, set it to GPT/MBR if you need legacy boot).

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