I want to basically continuously update the file list of a directory similar to how tail does with the -f flag on a file.

is there any reasonable way to do this?

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Try using the watch command with ls:

$ watch ls -l

watch will repeatedly execute the given command at regular (2 second) intervals, which can be configured through command-line options.

  • thank you. its still useful for me from the future. 2020 here :) Nov 29, 2020 at 9:48

On Linux, use inotify-tools:

inotifywait -qme create,attrib,move,delete mydir |
while read -r; do
    ls -l mydir

Somewhat different:

inotifywait -qme create,attrib,move,delete --format '%w%f' mydir |
while read -r file; do
    ls -ld "$file"

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