I followed an online tutorial to setup gitosis on my LAN server and it's using ssh-key to authenticate now. All the tutorials I saw were using ssh-key authentication. I was wondering if I can use password to authenticate a remote clone or push?

The reason I want to do this is because there are many machines in my LAN, and I don't want to setup ssh-key from each machine, so it may be easier to just remember one password.

One problem I can see with password authentication. If the gitosis need to authenticate per file, then this will be a pain to implement.


Yes it is possible, but it requires for a process :

  • listening for your git requests
  • making the authentication
  • passing that request to the gitolite script.

Since you don't want ssh-based authentication, that means no ssh-daemon.
That leaves you with an Apache httpd process, which you can easily configure (git or not git) to authenticate against:

  • a file
  • an LDAP
  • ...

In the VirtualDirectory you will define, you will then call the gitosis script, that you have to modify for it, in turn, calling the git http-backend (the "smart http" cgi script).

I didn't test it with the quite old and obsolete gitosis.
But it works just fine with gitolite: see how to setup gitolite to use smart http mode

  • Interesting! I never heard of gitolite, I have to try it out... I was wondering why the gitosis stoped maintaining after 2009 and yet there is still not a replacement. I mush just miss the successor. – Patrick Jul 28 '11 at 0:35

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