Anyway here is my problem. I'm currently on beta channel (Firefox 6) which was recently upgraded and broke some extensions. Now I gather those extensions will be upgraded in the future and they'll restore to working order. Is there a way for me to disable further beta updates and keep my Firefox on a stable channel without losing my settings and extensions? Is there a way to backup Firefox 6 or disable updating to a beta version (but keep the updating to a stable versions)?

  • All of the answers such as this web page are outdated. Firefox 3.6.25 no longer responds to unticking of the update box. It continues to ask if you want to update despite the fact that important add-ons such SEO Quake will not operate in the latest version of Firfox. – user114912 Jan 23 '12 at 15:09

Type about:config in the awesome bar and search for the key app.update.channel. Change the value to release to get the stable releases only.

Mozilla KB Article


Uncheck whatever is unnecessary:

Firefox Advanced Options Tab Screenshot

  • Already did. Unfortunately that didn't stop Firefox to update on one occasion (there was a bar notifying me of Firefox being uploaded once I started the program). – Daniel Fath Aug 2 '11 at 11:39

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