I have some bulleted (and numbered) lists that I would like to prevent from being split across multiple pages. Rather than have the splitting occur, I would like to have Word automatically put in a page break and start the list on the second page. Is this possible?

Keep in mind that I don't want to put in the page break manually because if I add text before the list, it might be shifted to the next page anyway.


This should be easy.

  • Select the entire list
  • Right-click and select Paragraph...
  • Go to the tab Line and Page Breaks
  • There, select the second and third option (Keep lines together and Keep with next)

Sorry for not knowing how the option are titled but I'm using a German Word so I don't know how this is labeled in the English version.

  • The problem with this solution is that, if you apply Keep with next to the last item in the list, then the following paragraph will also be "glued" to the bottom of the list. It feels wrong, but I usually exclude the last item in the list for this reason. Seems there should be a better way... – Jonathon Reinhart Jan 15 '20 at 0:17

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