I am trying to embed a microsoft query within an excel spreadsheet, that passes several parameters from the spreadsheet to the query. I would like the microsoft excel query function to find a few values in cells on the worksheet and pass them into the SQL code. I used this approach, but I could only understand how to pass a single parameter using the ?. I would like to pass about 3 or 4 parameters, and some of them are used in multiple places in the query. The query doesn't seem to be editable using the query builder in ms query so I wrote it in sql using a text editor.

Note: other than SQL select queries, I'm not much of a programmer so if there is a point and click way to do this (i.e. something that does not require visual basic) that would be especially helpful.

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    This is very trivial to do with VBA. Without it, I'm not sure how unfortunately. Aug 3 '11 at 23:05

You can try this in SQL view, then Excel will prompt you to select the referring cells:

where (CustomerID = ?) AND (xxx = ?) AND (zzz = ?)

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