I want to listen to an audio file on this BBC French language learning site.

However, the problem is that the audio file is a .ram file and from experience I don't want to install the Real Audio Player on my computer since it acts as adware, continually pops up, and is difficult to remove.

When I click on the .ram link, it asks me if I want to play it in my VLC media player, which attempts it but doesn't actually play or advance the play bar:

enter image description here

The Windows Media Player attempts to change the format then fails:

enter image description here

And Winamp does the same as VLC, actually opens it and pretends to play it but doesn't advance the play bar:

enter image description here

How can I play this .ram audio file without installing Real Audio Player?

  • have you tried "real alternative"? – barlop Aug 6 '11 at 6:00

According to Wikipedia, Real Alternative requires the original RealPlayer to be installed.

It seems the only player that can play it "out of the box" is MPlayer. Downloads here.


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