I have a path and I was wondering if it were possible to erase on along this path. Anyone ever heard of such a thing?

  • What do you mean, "on along this path"? Aug 8 '11 at 1:32

There's quite possibly an easier way but one way that springs to mind is:

  • Create a new layer, all white,
  • Stroke your path onto this layer, using the black/grey brush/pen of your choice,
  • Copy this layer to the clipboard (Ctrl + A, Crtl + C)
  • Hide or delete this layer
  • Go to the layer you want to erase the path
  • Enter Quick Mask Mode
  • Paste (Ctrl + V)
  • Exit Quick Mask Mode
  • Convert the selection to a mask (Layer -> Layer mask -> Reveal Selection)

This method has the advantage that you can selctively edit the layer mask in case you do not want to erase along the entire path.

Note: If you want to erase the background using this method, you'll need to promote it to a layer first (Layer -> New -> Layer from background)


You can indeed erase along a path. To do so (instructions for CS4):

  1. Select the layer you want to erase content from
  2. Draw a path with the Pen tool
  3. Open the Paths pane (available from the Window menu if it's not visible)
  4. In the top-right corner of the Paths pane is an options menu, click it
  5. Select Stroke Path... from the menu
  6. From the dialog's dropdown select the Eraser tool, click OK

If the result isn't quite what you expect, undo the last action, select the Eraser tool from the toolbar (or hit default hotkey e) and change the brush style and size accordingly, repeat steps 4-6.

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