I am so frustrated with the trackpad behavior in OS X. If you turn on "click to drag" with "drag lock" OFF there is still a delay where the mouse is "locked" in drag mode. That is, if I double click and hold to drag a window or slider, I have to wait half a second to let go of whatever I'm dragging.

I understand this is useful to some people, but it really annoys me and I cannot believe there is no way to turn off, or shorten the delay.

Is there anything that can be written to the trackpad plist to alter this?

  • yes - this is annoying. lion seems to have decreased the delay slightly but on SN it would still be nice to turn this down – cwd Jul 29 '12 at 3:23

I don't know how to shorten the delay, but dragging with the trackpad annoyed me enough that I wrote an app to make it easier.

It is called Click and Drag and lets you use the caps lock key as a mouse down toggle.

This means you can hit caps lock and then simply move your finger around the trackpad without any pressure to preform a drag.

You might like it.

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